Wisdom of the West

Legendary Leadership for Troubled Times

No horse ever worries if this saddle makes their butt look big

  • Do you feel disconnected? Or unworthy?
  • Does life seem incredibly complicated?

Our increasingly modern world has led many to feel isolated and alone, unappreciated and invisible, searching for a moral compass, By looking to the past, we may find the keys to a more joyous and rewarding future.

Discover the Wisdom of the West

Integrity, hospitality and respect for the people, animals and land  shaped the behaviour of the farming and ranching families that settled the western frontiers of North America.  


Jocelyn Hastie’s search for personal fulfillment beganwith embracing the rural lifestyle in her early 30s. She still has the passion of the newly converted, knowing that the country way of life (and especially the horses she has raised, trained and shown), have given her peace of mind she never felt before. These things helped her survive cancer treatment and diagnosis in 2014. Her passion is to share these lessons with others who are searching for purpose in their lives.