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He chewed himself a peep hole.  Photo by Linda Gardiner.

Linda Gardiner – KPCS Photography Inc.


Michele King Photography

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TBAH-CP Student Logo for website-2012 copy

Chris Irwin EAPD

Chris Irwin -EAPD


Horse Related Links:

Colorado earns his third Canadian National Champion of Champions Pleasure Gelding title at the 2004 Canadian National Championships

Celestina Ranch Peruvian Horses




Loving What Is

Byron Katie – Loving What Is

The Gifts of Imperfection

Brene Brown



Ascending Koi Tattoo by Trevor Jameus

Ascending Koi Tattoo by Trevor Jameus

Pcking up my motorcycle 2012

Too Cool Motorcycle School

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The best website building video ever!!! Got me through this process. Thanks, Tyler!