Toastmasters Pathways Learning Experience

Maximize Your Pop-Up Window

The Pathways curriculum opens in a pop-up window. You will need to disable your pop-up blockers in order to participate. In order to see the materials properly (especially the directional arrows), please maximize your window.

Recycle Content

You do NOT have to write an entirely new speech for each project of each path. It is fine to recycle your content and use it in another project. Please be mindful that the speech should be fine tuned by incorporating the feedback given during the evaluations and should meet the objectives of the project. Consider delivering speeches at neighbouring clubs to get the feedback from a new audience.

Path Selection

You do NOT have to choose one of the three recommended paths from the assessment. All paths are available for your selection. Just use the drop-down below the recommendations to select any path.

Did you change your mind on which path you selected? You have 30 days to contact Toastmasters International to change your selection.



Project Selection

You do NOT have to do all projects in order. The only exceptions are the very first and last speeches in any path. The ice breaker must be completed before you have access to the other level 1 projects, but those other two projects can be completed in any order. Once a level is completed and verified by the base camp manager, all projects in the next level will be unlocked and can be completed in any order throughout each of the levels.

The levels must be completed in order, but not the projects within the levels.

Project and Level Completions

Projects are completed when you have accessed each of the screens. If your project does not have the tick mark indicating completion, double check that every question in both self assessments has been answered. If you did not see a pop-up that showed your “before and after” rankings, you probably missed answering one or more questions. Once both self assessments are complete, the project will show as complete.

You complete your projects, and Base Camp Managers are required to verify level completions before you will have access to the next level.

Evaluation Resources

You can find evaluation resources in any of three places:

  1. Within the project itself – available as a download.
  2. Through the “Speech Evalutions” tile from Base Camp.
  3. From the “Tutorials and Resources” section of the menus from the “My Education Transcript” section of Base Camp.



Pathways Support Sessions

Live Support Sessions

Club Leadership and Educational Development (CLED). Register by clicking the location links below.

Pathways Tips, Tricks & Traps Jan 31, 2019 CLED in Calgary
Pathways Panel Q&A Feb 2, 2019 CLED in Lethbridge
Pathways Tips, Tricks & Traps Feb 9, 2019 CLED in Medicine Hat


Virtual Support Sessions via Zoom

More dates Coming soon