Joy determinedly climbed the ladder of success until she discovered her passion for horses. After her dreams of peaceful country living were shattered by illness, Joy focused on healing and avoided romantic entanglements. Then Buck came along.

Buck searched for the perfect woman on an online dating site and targeted Joy. The sensitivity he honed to calm the most skittish of horses during his long rodeo career worked on her, too. Joy was persuaded to climb “off the fence” and into his arms.

Each tells their own story of events.

Unite with them on their painful paths through romantic fantasies and self-deception. Who will step out of denial and accept the truths that lead to self-awareness and healing?


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“How could I have been so blind?”

This novel was written after Jocelyn shared dating “war stories” with her wonderful friends who had experienced similar stories of deception. Many of us were embarrassed at our naivete, and Jocelyn wanted to cast a light on how trusting people can be at risk of manipulation, create resilience and become less susceptible to emotional fraud.

Balancing trust with discretion can be a challenge. Sometimes we err on the side of caution, attaching intentions to others that may not be true. Other times, we make excuses for poor behaviour, attaching attributes we wish someone had when their actions haven’t supported our hopes. 

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