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Candidate for District Director


The moment I met Jocelyn Hastie, I caught a glimpse of her brilliance. She was a new Toastmaster and had jumped into the Program, head first. Jocelyn commanded the room, even as a rookie speaker, and I knew this wasn’t her first (or last) rodeo!

Jocelyn led High River Toastmasters to charter and to President’s Distinguished status in her first year. Other evidence of her brilliance: Rookie of the Year and President of the Year. Oh yeah! And she competed and placed at Division speech contests three times and District twice since she began her journey!

Jocelyn and I have worked together on a number of projects, including as Pathways Ambassador and Guide (Jocelyn). She is knowledgeable, visionary, and carries an entire toolkit of presentation, interpersonal and management skills. Her background in management and finance has equipped her for the grave duty of managing District finances.

Jocelyn’s genuine concern for people, her dedication to Toastmasters and her desire to further District 42, ethically and fiscally responsibly, make her the ideal candidate, actually a BRILLIANT candidate, for the position of District Director.

Shelley Goldbeck, DTM

Sergeant At Arms, District 42 Spring Conference 2018

From the moment she walked into her first Toastmasters meeting, Jocelyn Hastie knew she was home.  More than coming home to a place, she came home to herself.

Jocelyn has poured her every effort into not only becoming a recognized speaker but also into becoming a selflessly giving, recognized leader. She throws herself whole heartedly into whatever the task before her. She uses her intellect, skills and talents optimally to the betterment of all Toastmasters; and understands the benefits of creating and sustaining strong relationships along the way.

 The lofty position of District Director is no different than any other Toastmasters challenge Jocelyn has put her hand to.  An influencer of people, I have no doubt that Jocelyn will surround herself with a team of amazing like-minded Toastmasters, and will do an amazing job with this portfolio.

 I look forward to seeing Jocelyn in this position.  She will make a difference here as she does everywhere she goes.

Teresa Merryfield, DTM

D42 President of the Year, 2016-2017

Jocelyn and I met over a shared interest in creating and sustaining a Toastmasters Club in our community in High River. Our work together in forming a thriving club has created a friendship that I treasure and enjoy.

Without Jocelyn’s skill set from her many years in the business world of leading and managing people, without her unique ability to transfer that skill set to the Toastmaster world, our struggle to bring a new club to charter would have been a journey of frustration for myself and all those who helped in the gestation of the High River Toastmasters Club.

She has that rare quality of leadership, of knowing when to take charge and when to step back; of knowing when to stay quiet and when to speak up. Her integrity, honesty and dedication to whatever she places her energy into is without question. Her leadership and guidance gave our club a wonderful head start. There is never any question that when Jocelyn states she is going to do something, it gets done. That quality of discipline creates a strong sense of trust which I have come to rely on in my own journey with Toastmasters.

Gail Sherley

President, High River Toastmasters, Division D Rookie of the Year 2016-2017 , President of the Year 2017-2018

Jocelyn’s decades of leadership experience were apparent from the moment I met her. Watching her compete on the District 42 stage at the International Speech contest in her rookie year showed me that she is a talented and engaging speaker, and a force to be reckoned with.

She is clearly passionate about the Toastmasters program and committed to its members’ growth and success. As a Pathways Guide, she is in the forefront of innovation and exemplifies continuous learning. I believe she is our best choice for District Director 2019-2020.

Freddi Dogterom, Accredited Speaker, DTM

Keynote Presenter, District 42 Spring Convention 2018

Jocelyn brings her extensive CPA experience, her 25 year horse showing winning spirit, and her dedicated toastmaster’s leadership and competition success to the challenges in every facet of her life! Be ready to be inspired and to head in new directions of growth.
Kelly Kaur

District 42 International Speech Champion, 2016-2017